Abstract: Shenzhen Hongwan Plastic Co., Ltd. is an environmentally-friendly PVC cable material manufacturer, mainly engaged in PVC cable materials and other products. PVC cable materials are at a favorable price and sold nationwide. They are mainly sold to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong And so on.

PVC cable material


It can comply with CUL VDE SAA JIS CCC and other standards. QMFZ2 certified products

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  PVC wire and cable materialIt is based on polyvinyl chloride as the basic resin material. It is different in terms of environmental protection due to the use of stabilizers, plasticizers and other fillers and other additives. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly PVC cable material, but because of the PVC cable material The price is low, but its performance is excellent, and it has achieved a long-term important position in the wire and cable insulation protection material in the PVC communication line material.
However, due to the similarities and differences in the structure of the wires and cables, they are extremely simple, so the insulation and sheath outside the conductive core are more covered by plastic or rubber. The user selects the required model and specifications according to the use and layout environment, and the manufacturer selects the material and manufacturing process technology according to relevant standards.

NO.P wire material seriesSheath/insulation outer coverGM-RXB-NO.PSuitable for"15P"< 1000ppm="" high="" environmental="" protection="">Material safety ingredients
Insulated core wireGM-RXB-NO.P2
Non-moving material seriesABS resistanceGM-RXB-ABSMeet the ABS level non-shifting requirements
PS gradeGM-RXB-PSMeet the PS level non-shifting requirements
Anti-copper oxidation high transparent wire material-GM-NTMeet the requirements for preventing copper oxidation for one year
GM-NT-ULMeet the UL standard of anti-copper oxidation for one year
PVC Thermoplastic Elastomer Cable Compound-GM-RXB-TSuitable for elastomeric wear-resistant cables such as elevators, electric welding machine power supplies, etc.
Anti-fungal electronic wire material-GM-RXB-UL758 antibacterial materialSuitable for household kitchen electrical wiring, in line with UL758 standard
High-speed insulated wire-GM-RXB-GSuitable for high-speed insulated wires of program-controlled exchanges

Application: Industry
It can comply with CUL VDE SAA JIS CCC and other standards. QMFZ2 certified products
Operating temperature range:
Melting temperature: 185~205℃ Mold temperature: 20~50℃

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