What is the difference between different PVC wire and cable materials


The price of PVC cable material is low, but our performance is excellent, and it has always maintained an important position in the wire and cable insulation protection material in PVC wire and cable material, but this kind of PVC wire and cable material is harmful to the environment and human body. Special environmental applications produce a series of problems. As people's awareness of environmental protection increases and the performance requirements for product materials increase, they also put forward valuable requirements for PVC materials.
It is also unique in terms of environmental protection when using product stabilizers, plasticizers and various fillers and different additives. Products are generally measured by ROHS or REACH testing and standards, and the fundamental difference between non-environmental protection and environmental protection in PVC wire and cable materials is respectively. However, because the structure of the wire and cable has similar differences, but is extremely simple, the insulation and sheath outside the conductive core are mostly covered by plastic or rubber. The user selects the model and specification according to the purpose and the installation environment, and the manufacturer selects the material and manufacturing process according to the relevant standards.
As people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased and the concept of sustainable development has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, there have been many debates about the environmental pollution of plastics and whether PVC should be banned, but the production and use of PVC are increasing. China is particularly noticeable.
With the development of science and the deepening of research, many environmentally friendly PVC products have been developed, and the wires and cables have also benefited greatly. The environmentally friendly PVC cable materials matched with environmentally friendly PVC wires and cables have been used in recent years. The rapid development of the year is a proof.
Environmental protection PVCD cable material
In the 21st century, with the increasing awareness of human environmental protection and people’s attention to their own health, environmental issues have become the focus of human society. Many countries, regions and organizations have formulated strict standards and regulations to restrict the use of hazardous substances, especially It is RoHS and REACH regulations.
The EU stipulates that products entering the EU countries after July 1, 2006 must comply with the environmental RoHS regulations. Traditional PVC cable materials do not comply with RoHS regulations because they contain a certain amount of harmful substances such as heavy metal elements. This has become an important factor restricting the application of PVC wires and cables in electrical equipment, infrastructure, and infrastructure.
As for lead and certain heavy metals, it will cause adverse effects on human health. In PVC formulations, heavy metal compound additives such as lead, cadmium, barium, and antimony are usually used as stabilizers, flame retardants and pigments. In order to contain the chlorine element that decomposes during processing and use of PVC resin, heat stabilizers must be added to the formulation. In traditional formulations, lead salt series stabilizers have the best cost performance and are therefore widely used.
Cross-linked PVC cable compound
Reasonable and effective cross-linking can improve the use grade of materials, and PVC is no exception. The methods of cross-linking include chemical method, silane cross-linking method and radiation cross-linking method. For PVC cable material, the most effective and most researched and applied method is radiation cross-linking method.
The key issue of radiation crosslinking PVC is how to increase the gel content at low radiation doses. The usual approach is to add polyene monomers (such as TMPTA, TAIC, TMPTMA, etc.), and then add other to promote crosslinking. s material.

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