What is special about gifts made of PVC toy pellets?


Five thousand years of civilization has a long history. The Chinese nation's fine tradition of paying attention to etiquette is world-renowned. The etiquette of the Chinese is not stated, but made. The young and old are in order, and the details are handled properly. It is one of the etiquettes recognized by the Chinese to visit relatives and friends without empty-handed. Gifts do not need to be expensive, as long as they are pleasant.
While PVC gifts gradually keep up with the pace of the times, more and more people choose PVC gifts in life and the market accepts them.
PVC gifts are a general term for PVC gifts used for promotional purposes among PVC products. PVC All kinds of PVC accessories, PVC daily necessities, PVC electronic peripherals, PVC promotional gifts, PVC kitchen utensils made of 100% environmentally friendly PVC raw materials. Common PVC promotional gifts include PVC bracelets, PVC watch straps, PVC mobile phone cases, PVC key cases, PVC coin purses, PVC cup lids, PVC accessories, PVC dolls, PVC electronic gifts, etc.! The above are the types of common PVC gifts and the names of individual PVC gifts. Among the many PVC gifts, do you know what advantages PVC gifts have?
Advantage 1: First of all, we know that PVC gifts are generally worn on the body or used as gifts. The first and most important point is that PVC gifts must be safe and hygienic! And in the safety of this piece of PVC gift is still doing a good job! PVC gifts are made of PVC raw materials, and PVC itself is an environmentally friendly, food-grade or above material, because it is safe to wear it on or give it to relatives and friends!
Advantage 2: There are many varieties of PVC gifts! These include things to wear, use, watch, play, etc. For example, glass crafts look very beautiful, but they are only limited to watch. Glass can’t be made into wearables. PVC gifts are different. You can design PVC gifts for related purposes for clothing, food, housing and transportation! For example, there are PVC keychains, PVC bracelets, and PVC keychains for hanging keys. You can see more such as: PVC gift boxes, PVC toys and so on. And there are quite a lot of things to play: PVC grips, PVC teethers, etc.! The second major advantage of PVC gifts lies in its variety, which involves many fields!
Advantage 3: Because there are colors in the world, life is filled with more colors, and many of the colors of PVC gifts are multi-color integrated, and the colors are very exquisite, and a prototype of a doll can be made vividly. For example, a doll has a beard, and the beard is generally black, so it will be black too! Compared with acrylic dolls, it is generally a single color, which cannot keep up with the production of PVC gifts in terms of multi-color. One of the main selling points of PVC gifts is the diversification of colors, and the multi-color shape can more vividly reflect the beauty of the product!
The above are the advantages of PVC gifts in three major aspects: 1. Safety 2. Varieties 3. Colors. In terms of details, the advantages of PVC gifts will have more advantages! Have you understood the advantages of PVC gifts through the above?

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