How to synthesize transparent PVC particles into plastic?


  PVC transparent particlesIt is mainly composed of PVC resin and additives, but the additives inside are divided into heat stabilizers, lubricating agents, processing modifiers, impact modifiers, fillers, aging resistance agents, colorants, etc. . Before designing the formulation of the main components of PVC, we should know the performance between PVC resin and various additives.
1. The resin should be a polyvinyl chloride resin with a degree of polymerization between 1200-1000, and you can choose to use PVC-SC5 resin or PVC-SG4 resin.
2. A thermal stability system must be added. Choose according to the actual requirements of the production, pay attention to the synergistic effect and antagonistic effect between the heat stabilizers.
3. Impact modifier must be added. Can choose CPE and ACR impact modifiers. According to the other components in the formula and the plasticizing capacity of the extruder, the addition amount is 8-12 parts. CPE is low in price and has a wide range of sources; ACR has high aging resistance and solder fillet strength.
4. Add an appropriate amount to the lubrication system. The lubrication system can reduce the load of the processing machinery and make the product smooth, but an excessive amount will cause the strength of the weld fillet to decrease.
5. Adding processing modifiers can improve the quality of plasticization and improve the appearance of products. Generally, ACR processing modifier is added in the amount of 1-2 parts.
6. Adding fillers can reduce costs and increase the rigidity of the profile, but has a greater impact on low-temperature impact strength. The active light calcium carbonate with higher fineness should be selected for addition, and the addition amount is 5-15 parts.
7. A certain amount of titanium dioxide must be added to shield ultraviolet rays. Titanium dioxide should be rutile type, and the addition amount is 4-6 parts. When necessary, ultraviolet absorbers UV-531, UV327, etc. can be added to increase the aging resistance of the profile.
8. Adding appropriate amount of blue and fluorescent whitening agent can significantly improve the color of the profile.
9. The design formula should be simplified as much as possible, and no liquid additives should be added as much as possible, and the formula should be divided into No. I, No. II, and No. III materials in batches according to the order of addition according to the mixing process requirements (see the mixing problem).

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