Are PVC transparent particles harmful to humans?


The fibers of textile products will be transformed into particles and scattered in our living spaces, floating in the air, and falling on the dining table. Human beings are already invincible against plastic particles. But who wants to stand by? If we want to protect our health, we must put forward higher requirements for preventing the pollution of plastic particles.

We can no longer regard environmental protection as having nothing to do with ourselves. From the moment we enter the shopping mall to purchase, we must avoid buying products that use plastic, especially plastic packaging. This will definitely bring us all kinds of inconveniences, but we have to think about it, these plastics are potential human killers.

Due to the widespread use of plastics in modern life, mankind has entered an era where drinking water is also a problem. In tap water, researchers have discovered plastic particles. American Orb Media found that 83% of 159 tap water samples from 14 countries contained microplastics.

You might say, drink bottled water! But do you know? The bottled water is also made of plastic! If you think that drinking expensive bottled water can avoid plastic particles, then you are wrong.

The organization also conducted investigations on bottled water, and all 11 types of bottled water investigated were found to have plastic particles. And Italian water is still branded mineral water. What is even more lamentable is that bottled water contains twice as much plastic particles as tap water! If you really want to avoid plastic particles.

The natural color is yellowish translucent and shiny. Transparency is better than polyethylene and polystyrene, but worse than polystyrene. Depending on the amount of additives, it can be divided into soft and hard polyvinyl chloride. Soft products are flexible and tough, and feel sticky. The hardness of hard products is higher than that of low-density polyethylene. , And lower than polypropylene, whitening will occur at the inflection.

Common products: plates, pipes, shoe soles, toys, doors and windows, wire sheaths, stationery, etc.

The transparent series has various hardnesses and can be directly processed by injection molding. Its transparent appearance, smooth surface, soft touch and characteristics make it a transparent PVC granular material. Suitable for various transparent parts, such as toys, soft insoles and general transparent products.

We have found plastic particles in our bodies, and we don’t expect scientists to say so

People cannot do without water, and now water cannot avoid plastic particles. The result is not difficult to guess, now plastic particles have entered the human body.

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