Precautions for using recycled PVC hard materials! ! !


Generally, PVC recycled materials are obtained from waste PVC pipes after extrusion processing, which can be used to make wire sheaths. They are often used in the circuit laying of buildings. The main requirement is that they will not collapse when heated and bent.

PVC recycled materials have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, light weight, easy processing, corrosion resistance, insulation properties, and high strength. They are widely used in construction, electronic appliances, pipes, packaging, automotive industry and other fields.

Generally, waste rigid PVC hard material pipes contain impact modifiers or other modifiers, so their elongation at break and impact strength will be better than pipe-grade PVC raw material resins, but the fluidity is relatively poor, usually in When extruding, add a certain proportion of new resin or waste rigid PVC with less filling, which will help improve the melt fluidity of the recycled material. At the same time, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of stabilizer, which will help reduce PVC degradation during reprocessing and use.

Compared with new pipes made in this way, their impact resistance will be improved, and their physical properties will not change significantly.

If it is a soft PVC pipe material, it needs to be used in conjunction with a hard pipe material, or it is modified by adding other inorganic fillers to ensure that its processing and use performance meet the use.

Precautions for the use of recycled PVC pipes Generally, the performance of plastic pipes will decrease to varying degrees after being recycled. Generally, it is caused by light aging, oxidation and thermal aging. The degree of decrease is mainly affected by the service life and the environment.

The scrap edges and scraps generated in the production process of the molding processing plant have little performance degradation of the recycled materials and can basically be used as new materials. If it is used indoors and has a relatively short service life, the performance impact of recycled materials will not be too great. On the contrary, if it is used outdoors, the product with a long life and poor environment will have poor performance, and some may even be completely unrecyclable.

At the same time, it should be noted that among industrial plastic pipe products, it is best not to add or directly use recycled materials.

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