Abstract: Shenzhen Hongwan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly PVC pipe materials, mainly engaged in PVC pipe materials and other products. PVC pipe materials are at a favorable price and are sold nationwide. They are mainly sold to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong And so on.

PVC pipe material


It is suitable for extruding rigid PVC pipe products with high transparency and high strength requirements, which can meet the requirements of anti-UV and anti-cracking. Such as IC tube, packaging tube, straw, etc. Comply with FDA certification

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PVC pipe material products have a certain degree of compressive strength and better tensile capacity, although their flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes. But it also has excellent quality of corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and the PVC pipe material also has a good water tightness effect.
The main performance tests can also be passed, such as:
Curing time, shrinkage, splitting strength, tensile performance, peeling strength, thermal stability, shelf life, release of harmful substances, etc.

50-120AGM-R4XSuitable for extrusion materials such as high temperature resistant edge banding, cold resistant edge banding, aging resistant edge banding, car door edge banding, refrigerator door edge banding, box sealing edge banding, etc., in line with EU ROHS and PAHS environmental protection standards
Material composition safety
GM-RTSuitable for high-transparent injection strips, cold-resistant edge bands, aging-resistant edge bands, car door edge bands, refrigerator door edge bands, box edge bands, LED color red light-emitting tubes, LED light strips, profiled materials, and special shapes Extrusion materials such as windows and doors, water pipes, water pipe rotors, ultra-high hardness extruded strips, hard PVC sheets, etc., comply with EU ROHS and PAHS environmental protection standards

Application: Packaging
Certification/Specification: Used for blow molding with high transparency and high strength requirementsPVC hard materialBottle-like products, suitable for bottles of various specifications with a capacity of 10mL~7.5L. It can meet the requirements of no burst when falling from a high place. Such as sterilized water bottles, candy packaging bottles, etc. Comply with FDA certification
Operating temperature range: melting temperature: 185~205℃ mold temperature: 20~50℃

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