Abstract: Shenzhen Hongwan Plastic Co., Ltd. is an environmentally friendly PVC alloy material manufacturer, mainly engaged in PVC alloy materials and other products. PVC alloy materials are at a favorable price and are sold nationwide, mainly to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong And so on.

PVC alloy material


Suitable for injection molding of PVC alloy products with hard shells, such as lampshades, switch covers and other products. Comply with ROHS REACH EN71 and other standards

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PVC alloy material is a composite material obtained by mixing and modifying a variety of resins with PVC raw materials as the main component. Here, the word "alloy" has no essential relationship with metal properties.
PVC alloy material uses physical mixing or chemical grafting to obtain a new class of materials with extremely high performance in specialization and functionalization.
In reality, pvc alloy materials are widely used in automobiles, electronics, office equipment, precision instruments, packaging materials, and other fields. At the same time, it can also improve or enhance the characteristics of existing plastics and reduce the cost of materials. It has become one of the most active and popular materials in the plastics industry, and its growth is very rapid.

120AGM-NH5XThe blending of PVC and ABS can not only achieve ABS flame retardancy, but also achieve the purpose of reducing production costs. What is more significant is that after ABS is blended and modified with flame-retardant PVC, the formed ABS/PVC alloy has excellent flame-retardant and mechanical properties at the same time. It is suitable for products such as impact resistance, bending resistance, UV resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, low odor, ultra-high fluidity household appliances, power strips, metal and plastic parts. Comply with ROHS, REACH, PAHS, N-25P and food grade environmental protection.Material composition safety

Application: Home appliances
Suitable for injection moldingPVC hard materialShell alloy products, such as lampshades, switch covers and other products. Comply with ROHS REACH EN71 and other standards
Operating temperature range:
Melting temperature: 170~190℃

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